At Lamdors Institute Vigo, we believe that each body is unique and that the observation of our silhouette can help us identify the areas in which we tend to accumulate more fluids and fats. These imbalances can slow down metabolism, reduce fat burning and slow down both lymph and circulation, which can cause both tissue and muscle flaccidity.

That’s why we offer personalized body treatments and a free analysis to study your case and propose the measures, treatments and products your body needs to recover its silhouette. Our highly trained professionals will analyze your body to identify areas that need attention and design a specific treatment plan for you.

Among our body treatments, we use a combination of non-invasive techniques and state-of-the-art appliances to help you improve your silhouette, tone your body and stimulate lymph and circulation. In addition, our highly concentrated cosmetic products without perfumes or dyes are designed to complement treatments and help you obtain more durable and effective results.

At Lamdors Institute Vigo, we are committed to helping you regain your silhouette and improve your overall well-being. Come and discover how we can help you achieve your goals in a personalized and effective way.


·Remodeling of the silhouette
·Peeling and Hydration
·Glutes, legs and cartridges
·Abdomen, waist and back
·Abdomen, waist and glutes
·RXZ: Reductor by zone
·Tired legs, bad circulation, Edema
·Muscular demarcation
·Wrinkled skin