At Lamdors Institute, we know that the passage of time and aging can affect our skin in many ways. That’s why we offer a variety of facial and body rejuvenation treatments designed to help you look younger and more radiant.

What distinguishes us from other beauty centres is our dedication to using high quality cosmeceutical products with the highest concentration of active ingredients, without perfumes, without dyes and with very low concentration of preservatives. In addition, our team of highly trained professionals uses our own appliances that allow us to treat tissue, muscles, circulation and lymph, respecting the physiology of the skin.


Among our facial rejuvenation treatments we highlight mesotherapy, a non-invasive technique that consists of the application of active ingredients in the surface layer of the skin.

Electrostimulation that provides support and firmness tissue and mobilizes lymph.

Vacumtherapy we also offer facial radiofrequency, which uses electromagnetic waves to stimulate collagen production and improve skin firmness.


Our body rejuvenation treatments use products with a high concentration of draining, lipolytic and firming ingredients, combined with advanced technology such as Mesovac and Prolex, for quick and lasting results.

Our comprehensive approach combines the expertise of our professionals with quality products and cutting-edge technology to help you look and feel younger. Discover the benefits of our body rejuvenation treatments and experience a positive transformation in your appearance and confidence.


·Enhancement of Ojos
·Firming of Cuello and brush
·Voluminizer of lips
·Elimination of washers. Lifting NO surgery
·Wrinkled skin
·Velos personalizados
·Lifting Muscular BMS
·Radiofrecuencia Fractal PROLEX