Who we are?


I am Antonio Touza, the manager and trainer of our aesthetic center in Vigo. My dedication to this profession is based on two great passions: my fascination for the human body and my love for formation.

I share my knowledge to improve people’s health, image and mood. At our beauty center, we focus on providing a holistic and comprehensive approach to all our treatments and services.

I hope to meet you soon and work together to improve your image and well-being!


Uxía is the Director of the Lamdors Institute. She is a beautician of vocation and is always ready to help you in your aesthetic problems, giving you her experience and knowledge at all times.

Her passion for aesthetics and dedication to her customers are incomparable. Uxía will provide the best advice for your skin and silhouette, making sure you always get the most satisfactory results.

With Uxía at the forefront, our team is highly trained and committed to providing you with high quality, personalized service.

Uxía is your trusted beautician!

Lamdors Global

In 1984 Dorita Sánchez de San Blas, Master
cosmetologist and outstanding expert in technology
applied to the sector of professional aesthetics, founded the firm with the aim of giving back to the skin what
age and external factors, are removing.
Treat beauty from skin health.

More than 50 years
of experience

«Our success lies in that we like and
we believe in what we do and that we do it with a lot of passion and dedication,
always starting from a solid and continuous